Zine Library Highlight: Birth, Pregnancy, and Reproductive Justice

A hand holds up a selection of four zines, each with either a dog or a cat on the covers.

Zine Library Highlight: Pet-Friendly

Zine Library Highlight: Feathered Friends

Two adults sit in arm chairs. Between them is a small table with a wooden display shelf that holds a selection of small publications. While one of them reads a publication, the other peruses the shelf. Behind them is a sign with text that reads "TEENY TINY ZINE LIBRARY".

Zine Library Highlight: Sackville Zine Scene

A student holds up a publication near a painting of a colourful grid on a gallery wall. The page on the left has several paragraphs of text. Two circles have been cut from the right page, allowing details of the painting to peek through.

Discover what happens when you look closer and look longer

Slow Zine

A hand holds up a pink publication with the title 'little pocket guide to Pride: a stonewall primer' above a drawing of two people. In the background several small books, some black and white, some with colourful covers, are displayed on a white plinth.

Zine Library Highlight: Pride

Zine Library Highlight: Sappy Zines

Five small publications rest on a blue background.

Zine Library Highlight: Water Zines

Zine Library Highlight: Plant Zines

Zine Library Highlight: Self Care