A smartphone is held up in front of a lush green sports field. On the right side of the screen is a map with a point that reads, "Alex Colville, Running Dog". On the left of the screen is an image of a Wire Fox Terrier racing across a sports field marked with painted white lines.

Seeing Sackville through the Owens Art Gallery Collection

You Are Here

Colourful hand-drawn text that reads MAKER MATIC in red, blue and grey is animated to wiggle inside a hand-drawn box. An arrow moves around the edge of the box clockwise, and confetti appears periodically.

Custom Maker Kits Designed for You


A circular vinyl decal is installed on the glass vestibule of the Owens Art Gallery. The stone building with copper siding sits atop a slight hill, with stairs leading to the entrance.

What is the Owens to you now? What could the Owens be in the future?

Let’s imagine our future together!

Artists, what have you always wanted to do?

Umbrella Projects

A group of adults stand in an art conservation lab examining a framed portrait painting under ultra violet light. The whole scene is cast in a blue glow.

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Owens After Dark

The adults stand around a panel displaying four paintings. The person in the centre gestures as they speak.

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Owens Open House

A nomadic, public studio by Paul Butler

The Collage Party

A hand picks up a pressed flower petal from a table, while another hand holds a paintbrush. On the surface of the table, there is an in-progress collage, cups of glue, loose pressed flower petals, plain white paper, and newspaper.

A community event to share a common thread—the handmade

A Handmade Assembly

On a cream background, yarn, candles, note books, pencils, pins and other small objects float inside and around the a line drawing of a transparent tote bag.

Independent Craft Market

The Heart & Pocket Revue

A close-up of a child’s hands using a tactile drawing tool to emboss lines of a drawing into a sheet of white paper.

An afternoon of art and dance

Automatisme Ambulatoire Matinée