Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director/Curator Emily Falvey, smiling and wearing a grey sweater and brown-rimmed glasses. She is standing in front of a brick wall.

Emily Falvey

Director & Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director Emerita Gemey Kelly seated wearing black-rimmed glasses, a white top and intricate green necklace.

Gemey Kelly

Director Emerita

Roxie Ibbitson, Owens Art Gallery Registrar/Preparator stands silhouetted on a scissor lift, high above a large installation of weather balloons.

Roxie Ibbitson

Registrar & Preparator

Owens Art Gallery Curator of Education and Community Outreach, Lucy MacDonald stands among a group of children, gesturing towards the gallery.

Lucy MacDonald

Curator of Education & Community Outreach

Rachel Thornton stands with a camera and tripod in a darkened gallery documenting a video installation by Navarana Igloliorte.

Rachel Thornton

Curator of Digital Engagement

Jane Tisdale, Owens Art Gallery Fine Art Conservator stands on a ladder while cleaning the back of a very large framed painting in the painting vault.

Jane Tisdale

Fine Art Conservator

Interns and Gallery Assistants

Shivanya Ra

Community Engagement and Access Assistant

Emma Neilson

Community Engagement and Access Assistant

Mackenzie stands in front of the gallery. He has shoulder length hair, a goate and is wearing glasses and a cream button up shirt.

Mackenzie Chase

Gallery Assistant

Caitlin stands in front of a green corrugated wall, smiling. Caitlin is wearing a button up shirt with a funky and colourful pattern.

Caitlin Gallant

Publications Archive and Distribution Assistant

Ava stands smiling in front of a corrugated green copper wall.

Ava Livesey

Education & Gallery Assistant

Kaya stands agains a green corrugated wall, smiling.

Kaya Panthier

Education & Gallery Assistant

Dawn smiles, tiling her head back slightly while staining in front of a green copper wall.

Dawn Purchase

Gallery Assistant

Olivia smiles as the camera. The wind blows her hair to the left.

Olivia Searle

Gallery & Tech Assistant

Bex sits in the conservation lab, smiling, wearing a red plaid flannel shirt.

Bex Steinberg

Conservation Lab Intern

Ella stands smiling in front of a sandstone brick wall.

Ella Webber

Education & Gallery Assistant