Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Adjunct Curator Emily Critch wearing a black top and large round earrings.

Emily Critch

Adjunct Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director/Curator Emily Falvey, smiling and wearing a grey sweater and brown-rimmed glasses. She is standing in front of a brick wall.

Emily Falvey

Director & Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director Emerita Gemey Kelly seated wearing black-rimmed glasses, a white top and intricate green necklace.

Gemey Kelly

Director Emerita

Roxie Ibbitson, Owens Art Gallery Registrar/Preparator stands silhouetted on a scissor lift, high above a large installation of weather balloons.

Roxie Ibbitson

Registrar & Preparator

Owens Art Gallery Curator of Education and Community Outreach, Lucy MacDonald stands among a group of children, gesturing towards the gallery.

Lucy MacDonald

Curator of Education & Community Outreach

Jack Symmonds stands at a filing cabinet looking through many white file folders. He is wearing overalls, a wool sweater and glasses.

Jack Symonds

Colville House Curatorial Intern

Rachel Thornton stands with a camera and tripod in a darkened gallery documenting a video installation by Navarana Igloliorte.

Rachel Thornton

Curator of Digital Engagement

Jane Tisdale, Owens Art Gallery Fine Art Conservator stands on a ladder while cleaning the back of a very large framed painting in the painting vault.

Jane Tisdale

Fine Art Conservator


Portrait of Madeleine Hansen with ombre-dyed hair wearing large brown-rimmed glasses and dangling moon earrings.

Madeleine Hansen

Visual Descriptions Assistant

Annabelle stands smiling in a gallery with red walls surrounded by paintings in gold frames. She is wearing all black, with glasses, and gold jewelry. Her large earrings are miniature paintings in gold frames, similar to the ones behind her.

Annabelle Kean

YCW Colville House Community & Digital Engagement Assistant

Student Assistants

Portrait of Emma Connors standing outside on a sunny day wearing a blue cloth face mask, glasses and floral vest over a white t-shirt.

Emma Connors

Front Desk Assistant

Portrait of Nora Livesey wearing gold hoop earrings and a grey sweater with a black cat motif.

Nora Livesey

Front Desk Assistant

A portrait of Sophia Patrell, wearing heart shaped glasses and a blue cloth mask. Their hair, half yellow, half brown is in two braids.

Sophia Patrell

Front Desk Assistant

Portrait of Alora Simon wearing a black sweater. Alora is standing in front of a shinny corrugated copper wall.

Alora Simon

Front Desk Assistant

Portrait of Ruthie smiling wearing gold rimmed glasses.

Ruthie Stanley-Blackwell

Front Desk Assistant

Portrait of Lucy Wendt wearing a grey sweater and heart chain necklace. Lucy is standing in front of a sandstone wall.

Lucy Wendt

Front Desk Assistant