Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Adjunct Curator Emily Critch wearing a black top and large round earrings.

Emily Critch

Adjunct Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director/Curator Emily Falvey, smiling and wearing a grey sweater and brown-rimmed glasses. She is standing in front of a brick wall.

Emily Falvey

Director & Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director Emerita Gemey Kelly seated wearing black-rimmed glasses, a white top and intricate green necklace.

Gemey Kelly

Director Emerita

Roxie Ibbitson, Owens Art Gallery Registrar/Preparator stands silhouetted on a scissor lift, high above a large installation of weather balloons.

Roxie Ibbitson

Registrar & Preparator

Owens Art Gallery Curator of Education and Community Outreach, Lucy MacDonald stands among a group of children, gesturing towards the gallery.

Lucy MacDonald

Curator of Education & Community Outreach

Rachel Thornton stands with a camera and tripod in a darkened gallery documenting a video installation by Navarana Igloliorte.

Rachel Thornton

Curator of Digital Engagement

Jane Tisdale, Owens Art Gallery Fine Art Conservator stands on a ladder while cleaning the back of a very large framed painting in the painting vault.

Jane Tisdale

Fine Art Conservator

Interns and Gallery Assistants

Mackenzie stands in front of the gallery. He has shoulder length hair, a goate and is wearing glasses and a cream button up shirt.

Mackenzie Chase

Gallery Assistant

Caitlin stands in front of a green corrugated wall, smiling. Caitlin is wearing a button up shirt with a funky and colourful pattern.

Caitlin Gallant

Publications Archive and Distribution Assistant

Ava stands smiling in front of a corrugated green copper wall.

Ava Livesey

Education & Gallery Assistant

Kaya stands agains a green corrugated wall, smiling.

Kaya Panthier

Education & Gallery Assistant

Dawn smiles, tiling her head back slightly while staining in front of a green copper wall.

Dawn Purchase

Gallery Assistant

Olivia smiles as the camera. The wind blows her hair to the left.

Olivia Searle

Gallery & Tech Assistant

Bex sits in the conservation lab, smiling, wearing a red plaid flannel shirt.

Bex Steinberg

Conservation Lab Intern

Ella stands smiling in front of a sandstone brick wall.

Ella Webber

Education & Gallery Assistant