Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Adjunct Curator Emily Critch wearing a black top and large round earrings.

Emily Critch

Adjunct Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director/Curator Emily Falvey wearing a grey sweater and brown glasses. She is standing in front of a brick wall.

Emily Falvey

Director & Curator

Portrait of Owens Art Gallery Director Emerita Gemey Kelly seated wearing black-rimmed glasses, a white top and intricate green necklace.

Gemey Kelly

Director Emerita

Roxie Ibbitson, Owens Art Gallery Registrar/Preparator stands silhouetted atop a scissor lift, high above a large installation of weather balloons.

Roxie Ibbitson

Registrar & Preparator

Owens Art Gallery Curator of Education and Community Outreach stands among a group of children, gesturing to the gallery.

Lucy MacDonald

Curator of Education & Community Outreach

Jack Symmonds stands at a filing cabinet looking through many white file folders. He is wearing overalls, a wool sweater and glasses.

Jack Symonds

Colville House Curatorial Intern

Owens Art Gallery Curator of Digital Engagement Rachel Thornton stands in a darkened gallery space documenting a video installation by Navarana Igloliorte with a camera.

Rachel Thornton

Curator of Digital Engagement

Jane Tisdale

Fine Art Conservator


Close-up portrait of Shivanya Albas. Shivanya has long brown hair and is smiling slightly.

Shivanya Albas

J.E.A. Crake Art Critic at Large

Portrait of Jordan Arsenault wearing a green North Western t-shirt against a beige wall.

Jordan Arsenault

J.E.A. Crake Art Critic at Large

Portrait of Laika (Pollock) Dadoun wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a black top with a white floral pattern. Laika stands in a modern-looking building.

Laika (Pollock) Dadoun

J.E.A. Crake Art Critic at Large

In an art conservation lab, a university student sits at a table cleaning a decorative wooden bookend. The student wears a blue face mask over their mouth and nose, and uses a cotton swab on a wooden dowel to delicately clean the surface of the wood.

Alice Liu

Conservation Lab Intern

Portrait of Noah Lubendo wearing a backwards ball-cap and a Mount Allison garnet athletic jacket. Noah is seated at a table near library stacks.

Noah Lubendo

J.E.A. Crake Art Critic at Large

Student Assistants

Portrait of Student Assistant Emma Connors standing outside on a sunny day wearing a blue face mask, glasses and floral vest over a white t-shirt.

Emma Connors

Student Assistant

Portrait of Madeleine Hansen wearing large brown rimmed glasses and dangling moon earrings.

Madeleine Hansen

Visual Descriptions Assistant

Portrait of Nora Liversey wearing a grey sweater with a black cat head on it.

Nora Livesey

Front Desk Assistant

A portrait of Sophia, wearing a blue cloth mask and heart shaped glasses. Their hair, half yellow, half brown is braided.

Sophia Patrell

Student Assistant

Portrait of Alora Simmon wearing a black sweater. Alora is standing in front of a shinny corrugated copper wall.

Alora Simon

Front Desk Assistant

Ruthie Stanley-Blackwell

Ruthie Stanley-Blackwell

Front Desk Assistant

Portrait of Lucy Wendt wearing a grey sweater. Lucy is standing in front of a sandstone wall.

Lucy Wendt

Front Desk Assistant