Zine Library Highlight

Self Care Zines

As we accelerate towards the end of term, self-care is more important than ever. Carve out some time for yourself by visiting the Owens Teeny Tiny Zine Library. Set up in the lobby with our comfy bean bag chairs, we have brought forward a selection of zines which cover topics of care, mental health, burn out and self-love.

Sit, down, relax and read the gentle reminders between houseplants in Katelynne Caglisto’s zine Take Care, or plan to do some of Allie MacAlister’s list of simple and free ways to feel better and take care of yourself in this this busy world.

Take Zaza’s advice on closing doors to create space for new possibilities and heed Tee Kundu’s Small Secrets of folding your laundry, while amplifying the positive things in your life as advised in Madeleine Leonne’s A Beginner’s Guide to Comfort Magic: Moon Magic.

Remember these coping strategies, and consider documenting them in B’s fillable Self Care Menu (for bad weeks) zine, to prepare for difficult times.

 And finally, remember to drink plenty of water and breathe—the semester is almost over!