Zine Library Highlight

Two adults sit in arm chairs. Between them is a small table with a wooden display shelf that holds a selection of small publications. While one of them reads a publication, the other peruses the shelf. Behind them is a sign with text that reads "TEENY TINY ZINE LIBRARY".

Sackville Zine Scene

The Owens Art Gallery’s Teeny Tiny Zine Library is an ever-growing collection of zines, artists’ books and multiples, independent comics, and handmade publications. The collection was created to archive and promote the small but mighty form of the zine, with a special focus on Sackville-made zines and the work of Mount Allison Fine Arts students, Sackville artists, and community youth.

Dr. Andrea Beverley
Sackville has a zine scene that has ebbed and flowed over the years. The community has been such a site of zine activity that Dr. Andrea Beverley (Canadian Studies/English) at Mount Allison University conducted a small research project that itself became a zine. Full of quotes from interviews, A Zine on Zines plays with conventions of presenting research.

Jerry Ropson

Faculty whose art practices include zines, such as Jerry Ropson have sparked zine activity within the Fine Arts Department and long-standing events like the Sappyfest Zine Fair sustain an ongoing engagement with zine making and sharing. Safely secured by a black elastic band, Jerry’s series The Devil’s Resting Notch (2004 – 2011) chronicles friendships, travel, childhood fears and dark tales through writing and drawing.

Sarah Evans and Al Barbour

Artists visiting Sackville, some through residency programs at Struts Gallery like Sarah Evans and Al Barbour (who now make Sackville home), have made zines during their stays. Their zine series, The Motivist details bicycle excursions around Sackville and into the marshes through hand-drawn maps, history, plant identification and personal observations.

Sarah Williamson

In 2010, Sarah Williamson, then a recent graduate of the Fine Arts program, left copies of a bittersweet zine about life in Sackville pinned to a bulletin board for anyone to take. Tucked away in a personal collection for many years, it now has a home in our Zine Library.