The Colville House Sketchbook

Drawing prompts inspired by the work of Alex Colville

Colville House
A pair of hands holds up a small, staple-bound book with the cover facing outwards. The book's cover is black, and a gold rectangle across the top contains the title “THE COLVILLE HOUSE SKETCHBOOK”.
A close-up on a pair of hands holding an open book with the pages facing outwards. The pages show scans of pencil drawings of legs and a person's head. In the bottom right corner of the right page, there is a short paragraph titled “WORDS OF ADVICE”.

A flexible multi-age resource designed for Colville House. Taking Colville’s preparatory drawings for the mural Athletes as its starting point, The Colville House Sketchbook invites drawers to observe the world through a series of prompts inspired by themes within Colville’s work.

The sketchbook features advice for drawing and a fold-out viewfinder.

Written and designed by Lucy MacDonald.

Published by the Owens Art Gallery.

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