The Collage Party

A nomadic, public studio by Paul Butler

Part of A Handmade Assembly

For over twenty years, the staple in Paul Butler’s artistic practice has been The Collage Party—a nomadic, public studio where people come together and make art in a social setting.

Butler has worked with children, older adults, artists living with a mental and/or physical disability, and artists of all levels and disciplines. The Collage Party functions both as Paul Butler’s studio, where he produces collage, as well as a platform for people of all backgrounds and artistic levels to come together and experience the benefits of making art in a group setting.

The Collage Party has been staged throughout North America and Europe in museums, private residences, public schools, universities, hospitals, department stores, and community centres.

The Collage Party was a part of A Handmade Assembly, 20 -23 November.