Slow Zine

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A student holds up a publication near a painting of a colourful grid on a gallery wall. The page on the left has several paragraphs of text. Two circles have been cut from the right page, allowing details of the painting to peek through.

Since 2010, Slow Art Day has connected museums around the world with a simple mission: “Help more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and loving art.”

We’re marking our first Slow Art Day with the launch of SLOW ZINE. Part interactive workbook, part comic, part commentary, part guide, this multifaceted publication explores slow looking and slowness in the museum. Created by students in MUSE 3301, Museums, Education and Engagement, SLOW ZINE offers sixteen perspectives on slowness. The zine includes reflections on slow looking and its relationship to stress reduction, mindfulness, art conservation, play, and neurodiversity. It also includes invitations to look closely at artworks, questions to spark your thinking or conversations with friends, and space to respond through drawing and writing.

Let the SLOW ZINE be your guide through our exhibitions. Find a bench or grab yourself a folding stool and stay awhile. SLOW ZINE is free.

Echoing the call to pause, our Teeny Tiny Zine Library is currently featuring zines about self-care. You’ll find the mobile zine shelf set-up in our lobby with comfy bean bag chairs.

Slow Art Day is the perfect opportunity to linger with art and discover what happens when you look closer and look longer, whether on your own or with others.

Two hands hold up a book in a gallery space. On the left side of the publication are two drawings, one of a tall building and another building with the word "Museum" above an entryway. On the right is a drawing of a gallery with a bench above two lines of text.