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In a gallery, children sit on folding stools examining wooden furniture on display. They hold pencils and clipboards and work in small booklets. A studnet in the foreground holds the handle of a magnifying glass that rests on the clipboard on their lap.

Our education and outreach programs for schools provide opportunities for teachers and students to encounter and investigate a range of significant contemporary and historical practices.

Take part in our school program for grades K-12. Tours use active looking, reflection and discussion to explore artworks on view. Engagement with exhibitions at the Owens encourage critical thinking and provide students with opportunities to make connections beyond the exhibition to personal experience.

This program addresses multiple curriculum areas including Art Education, English Language Arts and Social Studies embracing the idea of learning “through the arts”. Many tours incorporate a hands-on art making component using the current exhibitions as the source of inspiration.

All our Education and Outreach programs are offered free of charge thanks to generous funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, Province of New Brunswick, Town of Sackville, The Hon. Robert V. Barritt and Friends of the Owens Art Gallery.

Tours typically last one hour, however, shorter or longer visits can be arranged to accommodate individual class schedules. For more information or to book a visit with your class please contact Lucy MacDonald, Curator of Education and Community Outreach.

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