Sackville Sketching Walk with Kamaya Lindquist

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Sackville Sketching Walk with Kamaya Lindquist is a new digital guide that leads you on a drawing exploration of three locations on the Mount Allison University campus. Filled with encouraging and practical advice, this guide is as much about observing the world around you as it is about putting pen or pencil to paper. As Kamaya points out, “The nice thing about drawing something that you would normally walk by is you start seeing things that you normally wouldn’t.”

The guide is an extension of the sketching walks led by Kamaya Lindquist this summer as part of programming for Colville House. The walks were inspired by the ways that Alex Colville drew from the world around him, often incorporating recognizable Sackville locations into his paintings and prints.

For Kamaya, these walks were a way to explore her own interest in drawing the mundane and often-overlooked aspects of our everyday environment, while leading participants in discovering their own surprising subjects within familiar surroundings.

Sackville Sketching Walk with Kamaya Lindquist is an all-ages resource designed for new drawers and those looking to reconnect with drawing. While the guide relates specifically to Sackville, the tips and suggestions offered by Kamaya are open-ended and relevant to any location.

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The guide was developed collaboratively by Annabelle Kean, YCW Colville House Community & Digital Engagement Assistant, Lucy MacDonald, Curator of Education and Community Outreach, and Rachel Thornton, Curator of Digital Engagement. This project was created with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage (Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations) and Mount Allison University alumni Heather and Ian Bourne.

Meet Kamaya Lindquist

Kamaya Lindquist is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans installation, video, sculpture, and drawing. Her work explores language, storytelling, human-animal relationships and the domestic, often employing humour. Observational drawing is a thread that runs through her practice. Kamaya has taught drawing to beginning drawers of all ages. She holds an MFA from Portland State University, USA.