Owens Art Kit

Mini-making activities inspired by our exhibitions

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Two canvas drawstring bags sit in a clear plastic display shelf on a wooden desk. Printed on the bags is an illustration of a hand holding a pencil encircled by a black band with text that reads "OWENS ART KIT".

Borrow an Art Kit from the front desk and exercise your creativity in the galleries with mini-making activities inspired by our exhibitions. Each Art Kit is packed with everything you’ll need for a small art adventure.

Designed for kids ages 2-12.

Art Kits are available during any visit to the Owens.

Current Art Kit

Inside a sketchbook, gold frames are empty, ready for drawings. A hand holds up the accordion book in a gallery with deep red walls filled with paintings in similar gold frames hung floor to ceiling.

Created for the Salon Hanging exhibition, our current Art Kit has everything you need to create a ‘Salon Sketchbook’.

Unfold your accordion sketchbook and find an arrangement of beautiful frames just waiting for you to draw in them.

You can draw anything you like in the frames of your sketchbook. You might even find inspiration in the artworks you see around you. Look closely, you never know what you might see!

Past Art Kits