Owens After Dark

A special backstage pass to the Owens

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A group of adults stand in an art conservation lab examining a framed portrait painting under ultra violet light. The whole scene is cast in a blue glow.

For one night only, get a special backstage pass to the Owens. This is your chance to go behind the scenes as we showcase spaces rarely seen by the public.

Step into our painting vault and take in the incredible sight of eight hundred artworks neatly stored on moveable panels. See some of the oldest works in the collection and take a peek at some of the newest additions. Along the way, learn about the history of the Owens, the work of artists from the Mount Allison Ladies College and contemporary Canadian highlights from the collection.

Our Fine Art Conservation Laboratory will also be open and Jane Tisdale, our Fine Art Conservator, will be on hand to talk about the work of caring for the collection. Take a close look at works undergoing repair and ones with interesting conservation stories. Look at an artwork under a microscope, learn about light damage, and discover the hidden details of a painting under ultraviolet light.

Knowledgeable gallery staff will be available throughout the evening to talk about the works on view and the Owens’ programs.