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Colourful hand-drawn text that reads MAKER MATIC in red, blue and grey is animated to wiggle inside a hand-drawn box. An arrow moves around the edge of the box clockwise, and confetti appears periodically.

In the spirit of our popular MAKER MAKER workshop series, we are excited to launch MAKERmatic, a personalized Maker Kit Quiz.

Since we cannot gather and share in making together, we’re packaging up small art experiences for you to do at home, in your dorm room with your favourite tunes, or on a virtual craft night with friends.
Whether you are looking for an end-of-term study break or a weekend project, we’ve got you covered. Are you a pen and paper person, or is needle and thread more your thing? Let us know and we’ll gather everything you’ll need to make something awesome.

Maker Kits are for anyone looking for a creative outlet during these unprecedented days.