Make Something Sunday

A Program for Families

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In a gallery an adult and child sit together at a table cluttered with small scraps of cut paper. The adult uses a pair of scissors to cut a small pieces of paper while the child watches. Behind them adults and children work at other tables.

This monthly program introduces new materials and ways of working through informal hands-on workshops for kids 12 and under and their adults. Drop-in for half an hour or stay for two. No booking required. This program is offered free of charge.

21 January, 2-4 PM

Transform wind-up toys and spinning tops into drawing machines. You’ll be amazed at the lines and loops, dots and dashes, zigzags, and squiggles that your draw-bots will make. Record your draw-bot drawings in a mini-book to take home.

11 February, 2-4 PM
Valentine Studio

Collage layers of colourful translucent papers filled with flower petals and leaves to create your own whimsical Valentines.

10 March, 2-4 PM
DIY Stickers

Make your own one-of-a-kind stickers. We’ll have a huge assortment of drawing pens and coloured pencils for you to use. Make stickers to trade and start your own sticker collection.

7 April, 2-4 PM
Warp and Weave

Weave a tiny tapestry on a small wood veneer loom. Choose your favourite colours from a rainbow of yarns and embellish with beads, ribbons, and found materials.

5 May, 2-4 PM

Design your own foam stamps and experiment with layering and repeat patterns to create a series of trading-card-sized artworks to give away or swap with friends.

The Little Library

A small portable library featuring an expanding collection of art books for young readers. The books in The Little Library spark conversations about art, observation, and creativity. The Little Library is available during any visit to the Owens.

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