Drawing in the Galleries

An all-ages drawing extravaganza

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A clothed figure model stands in the centre of a gallery on top of a wooden plinth, with their feet apart and arms outstretched. Adults sit in a circle around the model, drawing them from observation.

Inspired by the tradition of learning by “drawing from the antique”, the Owens has hosted numerous “Drawing the Gallery” events.

If you had stepped into Owens in 1895, the year the Gallery first opened its doors, you would have seen students from the Mount Allison Ladies’ College painting at their easels. Students studied from the collection, making copies of the artworks that hung on the walls as they mastered their painting techniques. From portraits and seascapes to scenes of mountains and cities—the entire collection was on display reaching from the floor to the ceiling in Salon style.

In 2018, we invited Sackville artist Kamaya Lindquist to host a “Drawing in the Gallery” program. Participants could draw a pose or strike a pose in our highwall gallery, sketch taxidermy birds in the lobby, or make miniature drawings of the miniature furnishings of a dollhouse. This event was held in conjunction with the Women’s Arts Festival presented by Live Bait Theatre, Sackville, NB. 

An adult sits in a gallery, next to a table displaying taxidermy birds. Balancing a large sheet of paper in their lap, they draw the birds from observation.