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Prints by Jerry Evans

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Within one large circle of seals, laying on their sides, four smaller semi-circles are filled with colourful, geometric patterns. Between the semi-circles, seen form above, two lines of caribou walk in either direction.

Jerry Evans

Mimajuaqne’kati – Place of Life, 2019
lithograph, edition 18 of 30
Collection of the Owens Art Gallery
Purchased with funds from the Ruth Lockhart Eisenhauer Art Fund

In 2022-2023, the Owens was honoured to acquire three prints by Jerry Evans.

Known primarily as a printmaker, Evans is a highly respected artist who also works in painting, film, design, and traditional hand-poke tattooing. His artistic practice, which is deeply rooted in his Mi’kmaq heritage, is the subject of the major solo retrospective, Weljesi, curated by Janelle Duval and on view at The Rooms (St. John’s, NFLD) until 2 January 2024.

Emily Critch, Adjunct Curator, is currently working on a solo exhibition of Evans’ work, which will open at the Owens in June 2024.

Jerry Evans is an artist of Mi’kmaw and settler heritage, born and raised in central Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland). He is one of this province’s most beloved and respected artists, working professionally for over 30 years. Known primarily as a painter and printmaker, he also works with film, design and traditional hand-poke tattooing to reach beyond Western ideologies. His practice is deeply rooted in his Mi’kmaw heritage, and his artistry comes alive in the creation of his own regalia for powwow dancing. He is committed to sharing and learning with communities all over Mi’kma’ki.