Celebrity Myth: Photographs By Brian Howell And Neil Rough

Year: 2006
8 pages
15.2 x 15.2 cm
ISBN: 0-88828-196-X
$2.00 softcover

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This publication coincides with the exhibition Celebrity Myth: Photographs by Brian Howell and Neil Rough held at the Owens Art Gallery from 17 March to 30 April 2006.

This exhibition, curated by Siobhan Wiggans, explores the role of the celebrity in contemporary society.

Though Howell and Rough are from opposite ends of the country, Vancouver, BC and Sackville, NB respectively, their work deals with similar issues. Rough’s photographs explore the pervasiveness of celebrities in our daily lives. Howell presents portraits of people portraying celebrities in his recent series documenting an impersonators’ convention held annually in Las Vegas.