Between Here and There

A school-wide project with Marshview Middle School

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A young person in a pink hooded jacket stands outside facing a sign with the symbol of a fire hydrant. They are making notes on a narrow card with the heading "Smooth".

This school-wide project involved two hundred and twenty-four students from Marshview Middle School in grades five through eight.

On their walk to the Owens, students made texture rubbings of various surfaces and discovered interesting patterns and details. These rubbings, one made by each student, were used to create a poster – a collected impression of the space between the School and the Gallery.

The project was inspired by artworks on view at the Gallery by Toronto artist Kelly Mark, whose work sparked discussions about looking at the overlooked and finding interest in the details of the everyday.

A pair of hands hold a pencil and a slip of paper against a fire hydrant outside. There is a pencil rubbing of the object's texture on the paper.