A Prisoner at Mount Allison

Year: 1996
16 pages
15.3 x 22.9 cm
Out of print

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This publication coincides with the exhibition A Prisoner at Mount Allison curated by Fredette Frame and held at the Owens Art Gallery from 26 April to 18 August 1996.

This exhibition is based on a short story by Minnie Gordon Cogswell written approximately one hundred years ago, in which she describes being locked in the Owens Art Gallery on the eve of All Saints Day, a time when, as tradition has it, a power is given to inanimate objects to move and speak. Fredette Frame, who discovered the story in the Mount Allison University Archives, has brought together the works in Minnie Cogswell’s narrative so the viewer can follow her exciting and terrifying night.

This publication includes Cogswell’s short story, a foreword by Gemey Kelly and an artist biography by Fredette Frame.