A Pocket Companion to the Owens Art Gallery

A little guide for kids by kids

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The Pocket Companion guide is the result of a collaboration between the Owens Art Gallery and Mrs. Demers’ grade four class at Port Elgin Regional School, in Port Elgin, NB. Together we explored the Owens Art Gallery and learned about its history and Collection. We visited the vaults where paintings are stored and the Fine Art Conservation Laboratory where damaged artworks are repaired. We also examined the architecture of the building and how the Owens has changed since it first opened in 1895.

We asked many questions, discussed what we saw, reflected through journal writing and focussed our looking through sketching and photography. The resulting guide, which is resource for other young visitors to the Gallery, features the photographs, drawings and journal entries made by the students of Mrs. Demers’ class during the six visits they made to the Owens in the spring of 2006.