A Handmade Assembly

Year: 2023
113 pages
19.5 x 26.1 cm
ISBN: 978-0-88828-271-2
$20.00 hardcover

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An adult holds up a blue hardcover book. The surface is textured, and the text "A Handmade Assembly" is written in black font on white rectangles.

Initiated in 2020 as the tenth and final iteration of the beloved community gathering, the ambitious A Handmade Assembly publication was envisioned as an important continuation of the Assembly, rather than a commemorative volume of past events.

From its beginning in 2011, A Handmade Assembly took a critical look at the intersection of contemporary art and the handmade by bringing people together through workshops, exhibitions, performances, presentations, and symposia. Created in the spirit of what made this annual event so vital, the publication combines critical texts and a variety of interactive artists projects. Designed by the award-winning Lauren Wickware, A Handmade Assembly is a gorgeous, 114-page, hardcover book with contributions from Anthea Black, Bisset + Latour, Emily Falvey, Amanda Fauteux, Paige Gratland, Faye Harnest, Paul Henderson, Julie Hollenbach, Gemey Kelly, Germaine Koh, Hazel Meyer, Geordie Miller, Christiana Myers, Suzie Smith, Tyshan Wright, and Pauline Young.

This book was made possible thanks to funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Published by the Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery.

An adult holds a book open. The page on the left had layers of collaged images under text which reads "Lopapseya". The page on the right has a photo of two people wearing a sweater that connects them at the arms. Below the photo is text.