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    To the left of this black and white photograph a person lays on the floor. Only the top of their head and one arm next to a microphone is visible.

    Lee Henderson: A Mortician Walks Into a Bar


    26 July - 13 August

    26 July - 13 August at Struts Gallery

    Staring directly at the viewer Christopher Pratt stands with his arms crossed in front of a window. The landscape behind him is snow covered, but the yellow of a grassy field peaks through as the seasons change. Inside the house, the walls and ceiling of the room he is standing in are cracked.

    In memoriam Christopher Pratt


    7 July - 28 August

    7 July - 28 August 2022

    A large palm tree trunk is silhouetted on a sunny cloudless day, standing near a waterfront. It stands between two other palm trees. In the distance boats float on the bright blue water.

    Terrarium: Miranda Bellamy + Amanda Fauteux


    11 June - 25 September

    11 June - 25 September 2022

    Within a yellow circle with red double curve motifs, three stylized figures stand in front of a rainbow at a river's edge. The larger figure in a red dress stands between two smaller orange figures. One has the letters "SLF" and the other has "CM" across their chest.

    Astuwicuwon / It Flows Together


    14 May - 3 July

    14 May - 3 July 2022

    Framed paintings are hung salon-style in a high walled gallery. In the centre, a plaster Venus de Milo stands between two plaster busts. In the centre of the gallery painting smocks are draped over stools next to paintings on easels.

    School Effects


    14 May - 11 September

    14 May - 11 September 2022

    In a gallery with high ceilings, framed paintings and works on paper are hung salon style against deep red walls. A plaster cast of the Venus de Milo is displayed on a wooden plinth in the corner of the room.

    Salon Hanging


    14 May - 11 September

    14 May - 11 September 2022

    In this black and white photo, the group of graduating Fine Art students stand outside of a building.

    Trust the Process: Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition 2022


    23 April - 29 May

    23 April - 29 May 2022

    White text over an image of a grassy marsh reads "It is hot and dusty here at the ocean's end."

    No Place, Nowhere


    25 March - 26 June

    25 March - 26 June 2022

    An adhesive vinyl decal of a paper with fold lines to divide the page into eight sections is displayed above a shelf of zines and small booklets.

    Owens Free Space


    12 March - 10 April

    12 March - 10 April 2022

    A digital quilt self-portrait by Wit Lopez. The artist is wearing yarn braids on their head, sky blue makeup around their eyes, and holding four yarn balls. The background is black with little white stars and dots. There are sections that are images of squares of fabric in the colours red, yellow, green, and purple. Little crocheted circles fill the bottom of the image. Strands of loose yarn form a triangle around the artist, and a disembodied hand points down from the top of the image.

    The Baroness Elsa Project


    18 February - 10 April

    18 February - 10 April 2022

    A bird-like creature with a human face is embroidered among several other human figures, faces, flowers, and vines.

    Anna Torma: Permanent Danger


    30 October 2021 - 18 December 2021

    30 October 2021 - 18 January 2022

    Seven black crows fly across a marsh.

    Alex Colville: A Story Never to Be Told


    22 October 2021 - 13 March 2022

    22 October 2021 - 13 March 2022

    A figure dressed in a colourful jingle dress confidently stands on a large red-brown rock looking out over the ocean. They hold a fan made of feathers in front of their body and also wear feathers in their hair.

    these are our monuments


    11 September 2021 - 5 December 2021

    11 September - 5 December

    In a public park, a bench and garbage can are decorated with bright colourful knitting. The covers are made of several vibrant colours and playful patterns.

    Arianna Richardson: Garbage Can Cozy and Park Bench Cozy


    17 August 2021 - 22 September 2021

    17 August - 22 September

    A large fortress and several smaller buildings are woven in beige and brown.

    Warps, Heddles, Shuttles and Sheds


    26 July 2021 - 10 October 2021

    26 July - 10 October

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