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    Salon Hanging


    14 May - 11 September

    14 May - 11 September 2022

    Framed paintings are hung salon-style in a high walled gallery. In the centre, a plaster Venus de Milo stands between two plaster busts. In the centre of the gallery painting smocks are draped over stools next to paintings on easels.

    School Effects


    14 May - 11 September

    14 May - 11 September 2022

    Terrarium: Miranda Bellamy + Amanda Fauteux


    11 June - 25 September

    11 June - 25 September 2022

    A central black bird, wings outstretched and beak open, flies diagonally towards the viewer through the space underneath a bridge over water.

    Alex Colville: Throwing Light


    4 July - 23 October

    4 July - 23 October 2022

    Staring directly at the viewer Christopher Pratt stands with his arms crossed in front of a window. The landscape behind him is snow covered, but the yellow of a grassy field peaks through as the seasons change. Inside the house, the walls and ceiling of the room he is standing in are cracked.

    Remembering Christopher Pratt


    7 July - 28 August

    7 July - 28 August 2022

    Two hands hold the cover of a Cloud Collection with "CLOUD COLLECTION DIANE BORSATO" in large uppercase blue type.

    Diane Borsato: Cloud Collection


    1 November 2025 - 28 November 2029

    Observations of clouds and other ephemeral phenomena in the permanent collection of the Owens Art Gallery

    This pastoral landscape is composed in bands of colour: green grass, golden fields, and a sliver of blue ocean in the distance. Two small trees grow in the middle ground. A band of clouds sits close to the horizon in the deep blue sky.

    You Are Here


    2 January 2026 - 31 July 2034

    Seeing Sackville, New Brunswick through the Owens Art Gallery Collection

    A Virtual Companion to All Things Useful and Artistic


    26 August 2035 - 31 December 2036

    An online resource highlighting the history of the Applied Arts Program at Mount Allison University

    Studio 360˚


    5 September 2045 - 6 September 2045

    Explore the studios of six Sackville, NB artists

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