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Tantramar again, again


17 June 2016 - 19 October 2016


17 June 2016
19 October 2016
Marsh barns dot the gold- and green-coloured fields. A horse-drawn wagon travels along a narrow dirt road, which zigzags into the scene from the bottom left corner.

Tantramar again, again

An exhibition celebrating twenty years of the Tantramar Heritage Trust

This year the Tantramar Heritage Trust, Sackville, NB, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Owens Art Gallery and Mount Allison University are honoured and pleased to participate in this celebration with the presentation of an exhibition on the theme of the Tantramar Marsh, including works by Thaddeus Holownia, Edward Pulford, Ethel Ogden, Garry Neill Kennedy and others. The exhibition is accompanied by a slide show of contemporary and historical photographs provided by members of the Trust.

Image: Margaret Chipman, Tantramar Marsh, c.1960, oil on board. Collection of the Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University. Purchased with funds from the Blanche Beatrice Peppard Endowment Fund.


Foreward by Gemey Kelly

Design by Robert Tombs
Published by Owens Art Gallery