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Mary Pratt: This Little Painting


12 March 2016 - 22 May 2016


12 March 2016
22 May 2016

Works by

Mary Pratt

Curated by

Jonathan Shaughnessy and Mireille Eagan

Mary Pratt: This Little Painting

About this exhibition

This exhibition tells the story behind the work Red Currant Jelly, 1972 which Mary Pratt affectionately calls “this little painting”. Within the context of a selection of key early and more recent paintings, study materials, prints and a short film interview with Pratt produced by Toronto filmmaker Mark Bennett, the exhibition analyses Red Currant Jelly and its relationship to Pratt’s work and technique. Painted in a realist style strongly associated with Canada’s Atlantic provinces, Pratt’s paintings contemplate everyday rituals and the themes they invoke: sacrifice, love and familial duty, and the inevitable and ever-fleeting passage of time.

Co-curated by National Gallery of Canada Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Jonathan Shaughnessy, and The Rooms Curator of Contemporary Art, Mireille Eagan.

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Foreward by Jonathan Shaughnessy and Mireille Eagan
Essay by Mary Pratt

Design by Robert Tombs
Published by Owens Art Gallery