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Like a Dog Chewing a Bone


1 June 2021 - 6 July 2021


1 June 2021
6 July 2021

Curated by

Hannah Bridger
A large black and tan dog lies on a set of weathered wooden steps holding a bone in its mouth. On each side of the steps are roughly-shaped brown rocks. A grey cloudy sky fills the top of the composition.

Like a Dog Chewing a Bone

About this exhibition

Someone I respect once said that I work like a dog chewing a bone; I consider this a compliment.
− Alex Colville, 1987

Artists have long created representations of their animal companions. In times of loneliness or isolation, pets are treasured company, and our natural tendency to project human characteristics onto them is heightened. By substituting animals, and particularly dogs, for the human form, artists also create an air of mystery about their images. This is particularly evident in the work of Alex Colville. Almost half of Colville’s paintings and a third of his serigraphs feature animals as main subjects, and dogs are a recurring theme. The role domestic animals play in our lives and sense of identity, especially when we are isolated from our loved ones, is captured in the works in this exhibition.

Image: Alex Colville, Le Chien d’or, 1987, serigraph on paper, edition of 70. Collection of the Owens Art Gallery. Gift of the Artist, in memory of Rhoda Colville. © A.C. Fine Art Inc.

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