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Despite it All: Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition 2023


22 April 2023 - 4 June 2023


22 April 2023
4 June 2023


An exhibition featuring paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures is on display in a spacious gallery with white walls. In the foreground, a duck decoy with a bedazzled head on a wooden coat hanger rests on a plinth.

Despite it All: Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition 2023

About this exhibition

Isra Amsdr, Caroline Bulgarelli, Ella Christison, Laika Dadoun, Libbie Farrell, Emma Fung, Alexandria Gilliss, Daisy Graham, Thu Ho, Jessica Angela Landry, Sophia Lawrence, Isabel Ardito Lebo, Chloe Lundrigan, Maria Lutz, Lili Magdalene, Nathalie Martin, Chloe McCollum, Meagan Philbrick, Jade Pinder

Informal Vernissage: Friday 21 April @ 7:00 PM
Official Vernissage: 13 May @ 2:00 pm

Every year, the Owens Art Gallery presents the work of students graduating from the Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts. Featuring a wide range of work in a variety of media, this exhibition celebrates the artistic development of each student and considers it in relation to the collective journey of the whole class.

The Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts is focused on the research, creation, histories, and practices of the visual arts. Study in the School of Fine Arts is led by practicing artists and art historians in courses designed and coordinated to establish a strong foundation in all facets of the visual arts. The School’s curriculum provides a rigorous, student-centred learning environment that balances intellectual and applied approaches, engaging students in the critical and reflective exploration of contemporary society, communities, and cultures. Research and creation in the visual arts is integral to the development and expression of cultural identities that can both reflect and challenge the values and norms of our pluralistic society. In a rapidly changing environment, the Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts prepares students for these challenges with the skills and abilities that will enable them to find a place in the diverse cultures and values of Canada and the world.

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