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Each ending in a choice


26 January - 23 April


26 January
23 April
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Rachel Thornton


A screen capture of a webpage. Below an image of two hands pushing through a photograph of a red stone cave is the text “fast forward to July, I felt like soaring" / "and breathe in a short burst of fresh air”.

Each ending in a choice

About this exhibition

Bringing together online works of interactive, non-linear storytelling, this exhibition explores how embodied experiences are created through sensory interactions. With each click, keystroke, swipe, or choice, you are taken deeper into webs of poetic hypertext, interactive narratives, and games. There is no winning or losing, and numerous endings are possible. Serving as a means to re-examine and expand our understanding of both the digital and physical world, these works create personal, intimate interactions where we interact, touch, and converse with code.

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Image: Ronnie Clarke, Soundscape, 2020, web-based artwork, courtesy of the Artist.