Two hands each hold up a small photocopied booklet. On the left the neon green zine reads "DO IT" in block letters, while the one on the right reads "Together" in collaged letters of all different fonts.


Sunday, 31 July 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Do it Together: Mini-Zines and Mighty Buttons

For one afternoon only, we’re transforming our lobby into a Do-it-Yourself/Do-it-Together community studio. With just paper, pens, scissors, and glue, harness the power of small to make your own mini-zines and pin-back buttons. Explore the personal, political, or purely visual. Tell your own story or collaborate with friends.

Held in conjunction with Sappyfest, this all-ages event is free. We’ll have all the supplies you need, plus tips to get you started. You might also find inspiration in the Owens Art Gallery’s Teeny Tiny Zine Library and a special selection of indie music and Sappyfest-inspired zines that will be on display. The soundtrack for the afternoon will be a mix of Sappy favourites from years past.

Publish your zine on our photocopier and press your own shiny button to wear home. Trade your zines with friends and, if you choose, you can leave a copy in our library for others to read.

Masks are required to visit the Owens and attend this event

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