Students and Faculty

The Owens is a vibrant hub for the campus community. We’re open seven days a week and always free. Visit on your own and take in the exhibitions at your own speed or attend one of our many events, including exhibition openings, artist talks, and hands-on programs, such as our after-hours workshop series MAKER MAKER.

The Owens is also a venue for many visiting speakers to campus, offering even more opportunities to get to know the gallery. Join our e-list for information on our lecture series and the Department of Fine Arts’ Visiting Artists Program.

Our Front Desk is staffed entirely by Mount Allison students and paid internships offer current students in-depth, professional experience in specific areas of museum work, including curating, art criticism, museum accessibility, public programming, collections management, exhibition installation, art education, community engagement, digital media, and fine art conservation.

In a large gallery space, a group of students line a wall. They are partially covering the last two lines of a text-based artwork that fills the wall from the floor to ceiling. The text set in bold, black capital letters and reads "Self-portrait as a wall divided proportionally between this black type representing life lived and the remaining white space representing life to some based on statistical life expectancy.”

Current Programs for Students and Faculty

Two hands hold the cover of a Cloud Collection with "CLOUD COLLECTION DIANE BORSATO" in large uppercase blue type.

Diane Borsato: Cloud Collection

Observations of clouds and other ephemeral phenomena in the Owens Collection

A smartphone is held up in front of a lush green sports field. On the screen is a map with a point that reads "Alex Colville, Running Dog". On the left of the screen is an image of a Wire Fox Terrier racing across a sports field marked with painted white lines.

You Are Here

Seeing Sackville through the Owens Art Gallery Collection

In a gallery, a group of university students sit on chairs in a semi-circle in front of a large, intricate embroidery that hangs from the ceiling in front of them. The students are focused on small stitching projects. They hold squares of felt in their hands. Some extend their arms while pulling stitches, others work on threading their needles.

Teaching Museum

Interdisciplinary research and innovation

In the print vault, two adults wearing masks look down at a print on a table. In the print, two crows fly across a snowy landscape.

Internship Opportunities

For Mount Allison University Students

A duck's head peeks out from the "O" in the text "NO DUCKS". The text is hand lettered in black against a bright yellow background.

No Ducks

Emerging Art Critics


Celebrate new exhibitions

Artist Talks

Attend talks by local, national, and internationally recognized artists

A hand holds up three pin-back buttons. One is a smiling clown face, the next a tangle of pink worms and th elast had an adult's face with the text "what the heck" written above them.

Maker Maker

Seriously small after-hours art workshops

Two adults sit in arm chairs. Between them is a small table with a wooden display shelf that holds a selection of small publications. While one of them reads a publication, the other peruses the shelf. Behind them is a sign with text that reads "TEENY TINY ZINE LIBRARY".

Zine Library

An ever-growing collection of zines, artists' books and handmade publications

A black box is slightly opened. Stamped on the front with silver foil are the words "œuvres fantōmes 1".

Entre les lignes : Incubateur de la pensée écrite

Ateliers de formation professionnelle en écriture

Studio 360°

An up-close look at artists' working spaces

Two adults stand over a long table displaying several elaborately decorated cakes on a red table cloth. They put a paper flag on a dowel in one of the cakes, while a crowd of people of all ages mingle together in the gallery space behind them.

The Sweetest Little Thing

Annual fundraising art auction

Past Programs

Colourful hand-drawn text that reads MAKER MATIC in red, blue and grey is animated to wiggle inside a hand-drawn box. An arrow moves around the edge of the box clockwise, and confetti appears periodically.


Custom Maker Kits Designed for You

A hand picks up a pressed flower petal from a table, while another hand holds a paintbrush. On the surface of the table, there is an in-progress collage, cups of glue, loose pressed flower petals, plain white paper, and newspaper.

A Handmade Assembly

A community event to share a common thread—the handmade

A group of adults stand in an art conservation lab examining a framed portrait painting under ultra violet light. The whole scene is cast in a blue glow.

Owens After Dark

Get a special backstage pass to the Owens

The Collage Party

A nomadic, public studio by Paul Butler