From artist’s talks and exhibition openings to hands-on workshops and virtual events, there are so many ways to connect with art and artists at the Owens. Watch this space and join our social media channels to learn more about upcoming programs for families, schools, university students and community members.

Explore Programs

A hand holds several small drawing of fruits (two peaches, a strawberry, an orange and a banana), while another points to the watermelon slice.


Seriously small after-hours art workshops

In a gallery an adult and child sit together at a table cluttered with small scraps of cut paper. The adult uses a pair of scissors to cut small pieces of paper while the child watches. Behind them adults and children work at other tables.

Make Something Sunday

Hands-on workshops for families

A small wooden cradle-like bookshelf with a display of children’s picture books sits on a round red carpet.

Little Library

Available during every Make Something Sunday

In the print vault, two adults wearing masks look down at a print on a table. In the print, two crows fly across a snowy landscape.

Internships at the Owens

For Mount Allison University Students

In a gallery, children sit on folding stools examining wooden furniture on display. They hold pencils and clipboards and work in small booklets. A studnet in the foreground holds the handle of a magnifying glass that rests on the clipboard on their lap.

School Tours

Visit the Owens with your students

In a gallery, a group of university students sit on chairs in a semi-circle in front of a large, intricate embroidery that hangs from the ceiling in front of them. The students are focused on small stitching projects. They hold squares of felt in their hands. Some extend their arms while pulling stitches, others work on threading their needles.

Teaching Museum

Interdisciplinary research and innovation

Two adults sit in arm chairs. Between them is a small table with a wooden display shelf that holds a selection of small publications. While one of them reads a publication, the other peruses the shelf. Behind them is a sign with text that reads "TEENY TINY ZINE LIBRARY".

Zine Library

An ever-growing collection of zines, artists' books, and handmade publications

Owens Art Kit

Mini-making activities inspired by our exhibitions

Artist Talks

Attend talks by local, national, and internationally recognized artists

A group of students pose together in a photo booth with a background of red fabric and flowers. They are all wearing pink and red masks, or black bedazzled masks. In the centre they hold a white stuffed tiger and plush red heart.

The Sweetest Little Thing

Annual fundraising art auction


Celebrate new exhibitions

Two dice sit on a sea-foam green background. One dice has simple line drawings of a house, a car and a sail boat. The other shows images of a cat, a bird and a dog.

The Colville Drawing Dice

A drawing game for all ages

An image is split down the middle by a black bar with arrows pointing left and right. On the left a photograph of a large building with beige siding and burgundy trim. Storefronts occupy the ground level, while central portion of the building steps up to a third story with a peaked roof and half-moon window. In the foreground is a bench and a street sign that reads, “Willow Lane”. On the right in the foreground of the painting a milk truck wheels around a corner. A young boy stands on the running board of a truck, balancing himself with one arm through the open passenger-side window, while holding a bottle of milk in his free hand. Buildings, including storefronts line the far side of the street.

Colville In Situ

Consider Alex Colville’s work in the here and now

Sackville Sketching Walk with Kamaya Lindquist

A digital guide that leads you on a drawing exploration across campus

Two hands hold a rectangular pamphlet. The cover has a photograph of a gallery with many paintings in gold frames on deep red walls. The title on the lower banner reads "The Salon Hanging Owens Art Gallery"


Exhibition catalogues, Occasional Papers, and special publishing projects

On a yellow background, the text No Ducks floats in black with a transparent white shadow, above a drawing of a brown mallard duck sleeping.

No Ducks: Emerging Art Critics

An online venue for art criticism and essays by students

Two hands hold the cover of a Cloud Collection with "CLOUD COLLECTION DIANE BORSATO" in large uppercase blue type.

Diane Borsato: Cloud Collection

Observations of clouds and other ephemeral phenomena in the Owens Collection

Studio 360°

An up-close look at artists' working spaces